Saturday, November 26, 2011

Recycle Your Christmas Lights & More at Lowe's

Did you know you should recycle your old Christmas lights that no longer work, or if you are upgrading to LED lights? Lowe's makes it easy with convenient recycling containers at the front of the store.

You might even be able to find other locations that recycle Christmas lights. I know that in the past, one of our local libraries had containers out with signage indicating you could recycle them there.

Today, we brought in 4 strands of old Christmas lights to be recycled and I was happy to see that we were not the first people to drop some off.
And while you are at Lowe's, why not pick up some new LED Christmas lights, they savings on your energy bill can be pretty amazing. Considering that it could cost you only 4 cents to run a strand of LED C7's for a month, compared to $2.70 for a month of running a regular C7 strand. I will blog more about this on Northern Cheapskate in December.

BTW - I was not sponsored by Lowe's or anything for this article; I did not receive any compensation and they are not even aware of the blog post, although if someone from Lowe's does read this I would love to do some reviews for you; our house loves Lowe's.

It is not only Christmas lights that you can recycle at Lowe's, but also rechargeable batteries, cell phones, CFL light bulbs, & plastic bags.

Just as a note, many non-profit organizations collect old cell phones (& printer cartridges) because they can turn them in for money, which allows you to get a tax deduction out of your donation.

I have also noticed that some Wal-Marts also have a place where you can recycle your old plastic grocery bags, that is if you have any left after making a bunch of flower bows for your holiday gift wrapping.


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