Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Make a Monster Puppet

I need to give credit to I Can Teach My Child for the idea to make this puppet. And because she has such a wonderful tutorial on her website I am going to let you learn from her and just tell you about a few things I did with mine.

* I used leftover yarn from a bunch of other projects
* I re-purposed a glove that was not able to be used for it's intended purpose because it's mate was damaged
* I used 5 different sizes of googly eyes in order of biggest to smallest so I can use it to teach that concept too
* I hand stitched the pom poms on so that they were more secure

I love the idea of using 5 different colors like was done in the tutorial so that you can use the puppet to teach colors. And the idea of using 1-5 googly eyes on each one to encourage counting is fantastic. So many things to teach your child in one puppet.

Now how fun is that! 

I plan to give this puppet to my son for Christmas along with a Doorway Puppet Theater that I made and blogged about on Northern Cheapskate. Keep an eye out for that article to be featured later this month.

And if you like monsters, be sure to check out the Monster Stuffies I made my kids for Christmas presents as well.

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