Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thirfty Thursday - Grocery Store Incentive Programs

Check with your grocery store about any incentive programs they have for purchases. Sometimes you will find out about them when you purchase something and they give you something that lets you know about the program, but if you want to be sure just talk to a manager and ask them.

The above picture is of some "Baby Bucks" that I recently turned in from buying any type of baby products (it took a while for me to finally turn these in, as we have not had to buy baby products in quite a while.) Our grocery store also offers "Pet Bucks" for purchasing pet items and I am saving those as well. It takes a while to get to $150 in bucks spent, but eventually I will get another $10 gift card to spend at the grocery store. I don't buy anything that I wouldn't have normally bought or without it on sale, so this is $10 of grocery money that I would have not otherwise had for buying things I was already buying.

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Coolestmommy said...

Excellent idea. You can also check your store's website. Sometimes you can upload extra coupons to your card or print some good at their store only.