Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Try It Tuesday: Marshmallow Snowman Craft

This is a full and easy project where most of the supplies come from your pantry (marshmallows and coconut) and a few from your art supplies (construction paper, marker, and glue).

Start out by drawing the snowman on a  piece of paper and letting (or helping if they need it) trace around it with glue. Then instruct them to place one mini marshmallow after another until they have completed the outline of the snowman.

Next have them use more mini marshamallows (we used the pastel colored ones) as buttons and glue them in place.  Then have them glue in to place a nose that you cut out and make dots or draw a mouth and eyes.

Finally, put glue on the bottom for the ground and make glue droplets in the sky and put coconut on top of the glue to look like snow.


Char W said...

Very cute idea! We don't get snow much where we live (high desert) so this would be a nice craft that is easy for all ages to partcipate in.

Meg Lewallen said...

That sounds fun!

Stephanie said...

these marshmallow crafts are so cute!

Sarah Osborne said...

That's adorable. I need to do this kind of thing as my toddler gets a little older.