Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Try It Tuesday - Handmade Fleece Mittens and Scarf

Working with fleece is fun and easy. 

SCARF: And nothing could be simpler than a fleece scarf that you don't even need to sew. Fleece will not fray, so all you need to do is cut out the length of scarf you want, and cut in some optional fringe on the ends. That's it!

MITTENS: To start out, if you have access to a mitten use that to make your pattern. Se sure to draw outside the mitten by 1/2" on all sides so that you have fabric to create the seams. I chose to extend the wrist length on these mittens because I wanted longer ones to be tucked under my son's sleeve.

After tracing out your pattern, cut out the pattern and pin it to your fabric paying special attention to which sides will be right side out. Sometimes with fleece it looks the same on both sides, but other times it does not.

If you would like the mittens to cinch at the wrist you will need to sew some elastic cording in place on each of the sides of the mittens before sewing them together. You will cut a piece of elastic that is slightly shorter than the width of the wrist on the mitten Start by sewing your end of the elastic in place, then once it is secure pull the elastic so it stretches across the fabric and secure in place with a zigzag stitch.
If you have done that step correctly, it will curl up on the edges as the elastic shrinks back.

Next step is to hem the wrist (optional, as the edge won't fray) on each side.

Final step is to pin the mittens together with right sides together and stitch around the edge with a 1/2" seam. Turn right sides out and you have a new pair of mitten!

This scarf and mitten set was a Christmas present that I made for my son this year. He is very happy to have more Vikings gear.

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