Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Try It Tuesday - Leg Warmers (Loom Knitting) Tutorial

Making a pair of knit leg warmers is easy on the Knifty Knitter 210314 Assorted Loom Series with Slim Jim or another circle loom (several companies are making their own set of looms). If you are using the Knifty Knitter loom set, you will want to use the small blue loom to make a pair of leg warmers.

The yarn I was using was the Loops & Thread "Charisma" in Chocolate Cupcake, which is a gauge 5 yarn and the skein is 109 yds. I would guess that I probably used about 90 yds to make each leg warmer, so 2 skeins was necessary.

The stitch I used was the basic e-wrap knit stitch that they tell you about in the loom instructions.

Knit 10 rows, then after your pull over the 10th row, place the loops from the first row back on the pegs and pull over. This will create a thick cuff at the top.

Then continue to knit until your leg warmer is your desired length (since I was making these for myself, I could easily measure it against my leg, but the standard length to knit for an adult would be 14" after the cuff.)

To finish the bottom, use a crochet hook to pull the 2nd loop through the first loop leaving one loop on the hook and continue pulling the next loop through until you have gone through all the loops on the loom.

Then make a second leg warmer. If using a patterened yarn, make sure you start at the same spot in the patterns so that they match up when worn.

So, what's up next for a Knifty Knitter project for me? I think I would like to try making some socks/slippers or maybe an owl stuffie for the kids with a card that says "Guess Whoooo Loves You".

I did create a couple headwraps/ear warmers and some wash clothes that I will share with you later this month in a Introduction to Loom Knitting post on Northern Cheapskate.


Lady Blaize said...

This is just what I needed.

kimeeb said...

SOOOO cuuuute!!!

kimeeb said...

SOOOO cuuuute!!!

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to create a brim on both ends ?

Anonymous said...

I would also like to know how to create a brim on both ends. I found videos for the brim on the beginning, but not how to add one to the other end. I'm thinking about hand stitching it, but would love to be able to do it on the loom if anyone knows how. TIA

Anonymous said...

How many pegs is needed for each leg warmer? Making it for an adult. Also does the yarn need to have a stretchiness to it or no? I am new to loom knitting and i am unsure what gauge would be best. Thanks!!!

Unknown said...

I love these Leg Warmers and they look awesome with boots.