Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Try It Tuesday: Make a Scarf with Straw Weaving

I made this scarf to match the hat I made my daughter last year for Christmas. Straw Weaving is quite easy to do and is something you can pick up and put down easily. My best estimate on how long this project took me was about 1 1/2 - 2 hours from start to finish, so it is a project that can easily be done in one sitting or maybe while you watch a movie. As it is with any yarn project, the thicker the gauge of yarn you use the faster it will be completed. This was a gauge 5 yarn. I do notice that my speed at creating this scarf was quicker than the one I made last year.

You may remember that I first introduced this crafty tool to you last year and showed you the scarf I made for my son and a couple of head bands I made.

The Straw Loom will come with instructions, but they are simple. You  just weave the yarn over and under the straws on one side and then over & under as you come back. Inside the straws you will have lengths of yarn that the weave will slide on to. So, you do need to know in advance the exact length you want your project to be.

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Pam said...

I've really been wanting to learn how to weave. I love the hat and scarf you made for your daughter. I'd love to learn how to create handmade hats, scarves, etc. of my own. Thanks for introducing me to the Straw Loom.