Thursday, February 14, 2013

Guess Whoooooo Loves You?

OK, I wish I would have written down what I did to make these because I didn't follow a pattern and I had made the majority of these cute little owls loom knitting over a couple evenings with the exception of the feet, which I waited 2 weeks to do and then forgot how many rows I had done for each part and don't really want to figure it out, but wanted to share the idea with you anyways.

I used the Knifty Knitter 10" long pink loom to make all the parts and I needle felted the hearts.  I used all the pegs on the loom to make the body of the owl and then only 5 pegs to make the ears and wings (with decreasing to make the tips) and 6 pegs to make the feet (although I think if I made the feet again I wouldn't make them as long.)

And then I made a card for each of the kids using this image, and gave them a box of candy hearts.


melis said...

very cute! i am working on doing many animals and monsters too on the looms makes cute gifts. love your owls!

Henry said...

Their color is so good that I like them so much. They look so cute. Now it's time to avail derma rollers for more information.