Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Make Your Own Preschool Worksheets

Unless you are able to purchase Dollar Store workbooks, it can be quite spendy to purchase workbooks to do preschool at home. Consider printing off your own at home or drawing out your own.

Printer ink can be drained fast if you are printing a lot, so if the worksheet is something you can quickly make on your own with a marker, then  do it.

Sometimes I make my own worksheets just so I can avoid using more ink, like in the caterpillar project above. I made a big C that my son first had to trace and then glue on pompoms, googly eyes, and craft foam head to make the caterpillar, that way I got more use out of one worksheet. Some of those pompoms  were reused art supplies from a previous project and I will reuse the ones that can be when this project had been hanging in our home long enough and it is time to swap out projects.

Other times I make my own worksheets is out of necessity when my son requests a particular theme that no one else has made worksheets of (or even though of as a preschool theme.) LOL!

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Jenna H said...

What a cute art project!