Friday, February 1, 2013

Preschool Theme: Pants (yes, really!)

Sometimes I will ask my kids what they want to learn about and then come up with ideas. Most times it will be things like trains, butterflies, apples, etc. You know - something that is frequently used as teaching theme and you can easily find ideas and worksheets for. This time my son said "Pants", "Really? Pants" I  replied, "You don't mean pLants?" to which he responded "I said PAAAAAANTS!" "Ok! Got it. Guess I better start thinking of stuff to do."

Well, since I did have to come up with some ideas I thought I would share them here in case someone else has a child that wants to learn about pants. Can I just tell you that I am glad this is a short week and I only have 3 days to plan stuff for.

Here is how we will learn about Pants:

  • Worksheet that he has to Trace, Color & Cut out a pair of Pants
  • Worksheet that he has to Count the pairs of Pants, Color each a different color and Trace the number 5
  • Play with Wooden Bear Dress Up Puzzle
  • "Sew" some pants using craft foam, a plastic needle & yarn and Dress his knight doll
  • Trace and Write the letters PANTS on a dry erase board
  • Worksheet that he has to paste scrap pieces of paper on the pants to fill them in
  • Count the number of pairs of clean pants in his dresser drawer and his dirty laundry basket & discuss which there is more of, clean or dirty pants
  • Have him tell me the colors of each pair of pants
  • Have him describe the feel of the texture of various pants (sweat pants, fleece, jeans, khakis & corduroy)
  • As we read books I will ask him to point out whenever he sees someone wearing pants and tell me what color they are

Come back the next 3 Fridays and I will share more Preschool Themes we have been doing.

Preschool Themes Friday Four-Part:
  1. Pants
  2. Snow
  3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  4. Pirate


Sarah Osborne said...

How creative! I love the sewing the pants idea.

Julie said...

Very Creative Henry & Jessica! Thanks for sharing - can't wait to see the lessons you picked out for the others. I just subbed today in K - my first time subbing in 3 years & I was in my daughter's classroom, which was my old room. So fun - made me miss it!

Emma @ Our Whimsical Days said...

I love that you let him pick the theme - and that what he picked was pants! LOL! To your credit, you managed to think up some creative ideas to go along with it! :)