Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Try It Tuesday: Paint & Stick Art Canvas

This was a fun project to do with my son. I think it's pretty good work for a 3 year old! I have found that kids get super excited when you let them paint on a stretched canvas. It is a magical medium to paint on because normally only "artists" use a canvas and things on a canvas stay up a lot longer in a home than something just on a piece of paper. The kids have each painted a couple things before on canvas and they hang in their rooms and they are very proud of these works of art.

I bought a 10-pack of 8x10 stretched canvas at Michael's craft store a few months ago for $10, so each one cost me $1. We used paint and brushes that we already owned. The "stickers" are a raised cardstock quality picture with a foam sticker on the back, I bought that sheet from the Dollar Tree. He didn't use all the stickers and later we will make a couple cards using the remainder.

I had him start out by painting the entire canvas in blue and then we let it dry and did some pirate worksheets in the meantime (check back on Friday for my Preschool at Home Theme on Pirates to see what we used). Then I had him paint in the sun, clouds & island.

When it was mostly dry (we were just impatient, but you could wait until it was completely dry) I let him pick out what stickers to use and where to place them.

He was super excited that he has a new painting for his room. When we were finished he asked for a snack of crackers because parrots eat crackers and pirates have parrots. Smart boy!

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