Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Leprechaun's Visit

 You may want to click on it to make it bigger to print off, but here is what it says (I wrote it to work with the trick my daughter had planned with painted candy to look like gold to lure a leprechaun to our home.)

Poem from a Leprechaun

Candy painted to look like gold
Is a trick that will not be told
This lil leprechaun you did not fool
I hope you have learned more than this at school

Tis silly kids that played this trick
Too much of this candy will make you sick
So, I give to you my favorite sweets
Rainbow colored and flavored treats

Until next year, when I will try again
And see if you’ve grown smarter then
Maybe a leprechaun you will trap
But you better be quick and do not nap

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