Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Try It Tuesday: Paper Plate Lamb Craft with Shapes

Is March really going to go out like a Lamb after coming in like a Lion (in MN) and being a Lion most of the month?

Well, in case you had joined us in making our Lion Paper Plate Crafts that we did at the beginning of March, then you will enjoy making this Lamb one as well.

For this paper plate craft project I decided we would take a different twist and also learn about shapes. I cut out all the shapes in advance for my son:
  • 4 rectangle (legs)
  • 1 oval (head)
  • 2 half-circles (ears)
  • 1 circle (nose)
  • 1 heart (mouth)
  • 1 triangle (tail - forgot to add this one until later)

All you need for supplies is a paper plate, construction paper, scissors, glue, cotton balls and googly eyes (optional, you could just draw on eyes, but we all know how much we love using googly eyes at our home.)

I first had my son glue on all the shapes. This makes it easier to know how much space you need. After they are glued on you can have them glue on their cotton balls. If you don't want to use as many cotton balls you can pull them apart to fluff them up.

Very Proud of His Shapes Sheep!

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Unknown said...

That is precious. the lambs would be a good Sunday School projects for 5-6 year olds. Thanks for sharing.