Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Try It Tuesday: Paper Plate Pirate

Do you know what I love about Paper Plate Crafts? You already have a good sized circle for a head of something, no cutting involved, they are pretty sturdy and paper plates are inexpensive. It keeps the cost down and saves a step.

Recently, we did a Preschool at Home Pirate Theme and this is the paper plate craft we did that I mentioned in that post.

Supplies Needed: paper plate, paint, fabric scrap (headwear), pipecleaner (earring), construction paper (eye patch), googly eye, dot markers (nose and mouth, or just use a marker or paint), black marker, and glue

Directions: Paint the plate and let it dry completely before gluing or drawing on anything. Cut fabric scarp so it fits the top of the head and hanging over to resemble pirate headwear and glue in to place. Twist pipecleaner in to a circle to resemble a hoop earring and glue in to place. Cut out an eye patch shape and glue in to place. Draw on ties for eyepatch with a marker. Glue on googly eye. Using a dot marker (or paint or regular marker), draw on a nose and mouth..


Julie said...

Cute idea! We've been doing a bunch of paper plate crafts lately - I got a pack on sale w/ a coupon & we don't use paper plates that often - so why not use them for crafts!

Unknown said...

That is too cute. I'm going to have to do that with my grandsons. They'll love ir. Thanks for sharing.