Friday, March 29, 2013

Gardening is On My Mind

It's March and I have been thinking about this year's garden and decided to write a post for Northern Cheapskate called "Time to Start Planning Your Garden", so please go check out that post and leave some comments about when you typically start your garden.

I also wanted to share the other gardening posts I have written in case you are looking for something else or have a little more planning to do. Please enjoy reading through the 15 posts about gardening that I have written about in this post.
Or check out all my posts on Save Green Being Green with the Label "Gardening" or "Plants".


April Grant said...

I SO want a garden. But I don't like the dirt and I don't like being outside. But having one is so beautiful. One day, hopefully soon, I'll start one. What's a good spring plant to start with?

Mom of Two said...

Peas are easy to grow in the spring, as is lettuce and radishes. Lettuce and radishes grow quickly.

Dianna said...

I can't seem to stay in side long enough to finish anything--now thats its nice out-- I love working on the flower beds-- I hate the sore spots in my body--lol-- thanks for the review and thoughts.