Thursday, April 11, 2013

Preview the New Agnetha Fältskog Single & GIVEAWAY Annoucement

I have an exciting new GIVEAWAY to announce and video to share with all my readers! Agnetha Fältskog most well known as "the blonde girl from ABBA."  After decades of being part of some of the greatest pop hits, Agnetha is releasing a new album called A, her first in nearly 10 years. Below you can watch her new video single of "When You Really Loved Someone" and check back later for a giveaway of her new album titled "A".

It takes only a few seconds’ exposure to Agnetha Fältskog’s wonderful new album, A, to experience a familiar feeling. When Agnetha opens her mouth and sings the first lines of “The One Who Loves You Now,” our sense of recognition is immediate. A voice that soundtracked millions of lives, it has not been heard on record since the release, nine years ago, of her chart-topping album My Colouring Book, yet those opening notes demonstrate that nothing has changed.
Her crystalline, precisely enunciated tones, that heartbreaking vulnerability, the sense that Agnetha is singing directly to each and every one of us. Plenty of singers have found that growing older can be unkind to their voices. Not Agnetha. Listen, back-to-back, to her early hits as a solo artist, to a song from the ABBA years, to a track from her new album, and try playing spot – okay,hear – the difference. Exactly – it’s impossible, isn’t it?
You can read more about Agnetha and grab some photos or video on our Agnetha assets page here.

So, what did you think of the video and the song?

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