Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Re-Purpose Idea #1: Puzzle Monster Magnets

Earth Week is Upon Us. It typically runs the week before Earth Day, which is the last day of Earth Week. So, depending upon the year the week may not run M-Su or Su-Sat (depending upon how you count your weeks). This year it runs April 16th to April 22nd. Earth Day is always April 22nd.

I decided that this year I would re-purpose items each day and share those ideas with you.

Puzzle Monster Magnets

If you have kids, chances are you have some puzzles that are missing pieces. But rather than throw it away, try making these Puzzle Monster Magnets. 

Just paint the back side of the puzzle piece (it might be harder for the pain to stick to the glossy pictured side). After it is dry, glue on some googly eyes (better yet re-use the googly eyes you have saved in your art supplies to re-use) and pom poms or any other thing you have to glue on tpo make it look monster like. And after everything is dried, re-use a business magnet (cut it smaller) and glue it on the back side.

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