Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Try It Tuesday: Try Using Your Slow Cooker

There are a variety of recipes that you can make using your slow cooker, so why not start with all the ones I have shared with you on Save Green Being Green!!!

Black Bean Soup
Chicken Vegetable Soup for a Crowd
Curried Lentil Stew
Lentil Spinach Soup
Minestrone Soup
Pumpkin Curry Soup
Pureed Butternut Squash Soup
Sausage and Rice Stew
White Chili

Barley and Edamame Risotto
Beef Stroganoff
Turkey Pad Thai

Tomato and Zucchini Salsa

Come check back and I will share with you a post on Northern Cheapskate about how you can save money by using your slow cooker and some more delicious recipes (including the above pictured Slow Cooker Lasagna.)

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Delicious!! absolutely brilliant job!! Choose Options