Friday, April 19, 2013

Re-Purposed Item #4 - Fairy Doors from Recycled Clay

Ok, so maybe it's not so much as a Re-Purposed Item as it is Recycled - recycled clay that is. What exactly is recycled clay? Well, at the Owatonna Art Center they take all the old clay scraps that are leftover or from failed projects and they re-use this clay for their kids classes. My daughter and I recently took a class at the Art Center where we made a fairy house together, each made our own fairy door, and she made a toad house.

 This is the fairy door that my daughter made. She did this pretty much all on her own. She did have a knob on it but it was not attached very well and fell off during drying.

I made this fairy door for my son as I knew he might be a little jealous that she had all these new pottery pieces and he didn't have anything, plus I wanted to made one and my daughter was making her own. I really like how the glaze separated and there is blue shimmery in the veins of the leaf.

Here is a good video about recycling scrap pottery clay.

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