Sunday, April 21, 2013

Re-purpose Idea #6 - Little Red Hen Costume

My daughter is playing the part of the Little Red Hen in a classroom play. It's not a big production, so a fancy costume is not necessary. We were told that they could even just dress in clothes the color of the character, so I knew we could do a little better by re-purposing a few items and just a little bit of sewing and a little bit of felt.

She is wearing a red shirt and red pants that she already has in her wardrobe and from there we made a few additions. I used red felt that I cut out and stitched together a comb for the top and some orange felt cut and stitched to look like a beak. I took a stocking cap of my son's that had a hole in the seam and cut open the rest of the seam to insert the comb in stitch it in place. I them stitched the beak in place at the brim.

I then took an old (and having seen better days) red tutu that once had black spots on it (was part of a ladybug tutu costume) and removed the spots to give her a "feathered" chicken body.

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