Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Gift #1 - Going Bananas!

It is Teacher Appreciation Week and tomorrow is Teacher Appreciation Day, I like to go with a whole week of appreciation rather than one day. So, my daughter will bring a present each day for her 1st grade teacher and gift for her Specials (Music, Art, Technology) on those days that she has them and a few gifts for her phy ed teacher (how many depends upon if one thing I ordered gets here in time). I like to start the week off with smaller gifts and build to bigger gifts.

So, today's gift to her 1st grade teacher and physical education teacher is the bananas. My printer is quite low on it so the background didn't print as nicely as the image I made below. Feel free to print off the image below.

We put them in a little gift bag and decorated it with stickers of bananas and monkeys. Come back every day this week and check out what other gifts we will be sending to school for teacher appreciation.

You can also follow my Teacher Gift Ideas on Pinterest to see my ideas and other ideas that have inspired me.

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