Friday, April 25, 2014

Fitness Friday: This Week's Re-Cap

I really should have taken this picture after Strength class instead of before since my muscles would be more pumped looking and more impressive. Oh well. I was struggling this week to come up with a post for Fitness Friday again and realized my problem is that I was forgetting about what I do every week and not just the special events, products or reviews. I was forgetting that I workout most days of the week and it's not just the races or products reviews that keep me in shape, those only add up to a very small percentage of what I do to stay in shape.

If I mention any classes I took, they are always at Dynamic Fitness (unless I say differently), but here is how my last week looked:

Friday: Hiking with my kids
Saturday: Zumba Class
Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: 4 mile run with a friend (was such an awesome run!)
Tuesday: Vinyasa Yoga class AND Zumba class
Wednesday: Kick It Up Class
Thursday: Zumba class AND Strength Class (plus volunteering in my daughter's phy. ed. class and my son's recess in which I participate and run around with them during the entire time)

Pretty much that is how my week looks every week and soon my days I double up with classes will change because my kids'activity schedule changes. Usually there is a run on the weekend instead of a class, but sometimes weekend schedules change stuff up a bit. But as you notice I really do like to cross train quite a bit. I also try to fit in a Jillian Michaels video once a week to so that I am getting another strength or yoga time in and soon I will let you know about what I think about the JM One Week Shred DVD that a friend gave me for my birthday!

I do have some pretty awesome reviews and races coming up to blog about. Next weekend I have 2 races that I am participating in that are both Fun Run in nature.

So, what did you do to stay fit and active this week?


Mom of Two said...

I should amend to add a 2 mile run on Thursday evening as well. A friend was having a bad day and needed to talk and ended up missing all chances to go to classes, so I suggested a run while we talk. I was exhausted, but I wanted to be a helpful friend.

Julie said...

Wow! That is so inspiring! I really need to get my butt in gear.

Unknown said...

That sounds like a great fitness week. I used to love doing Zumba.

Michelle F.

CouponDiva said...

WOW, God Bless You for being able to do all that!!

Christine Carpenter said...

I am about to start a new fitness program that is will help build my stamina. By this time next year, I want to be able to have a week like this every week!

Unknown said...

I would love to be as active as you're no wonder am over-weighted. thanks for inspiring me to do a lil bit more today!

Unknown said...

Im pretty active every week running around with the kiddos. I take my dog to the dog park once a week and run with him and then we also run blocks during the week. I also do core and strength exercises.