Friday, May 29, 2015

#ad Review: Greenwald's All-Purpose Citrus Cleaner

My Thoughts:

I had a chance to review Greenwald's All-Purpose Citrus Cleaner for free. No monetary compensation was received. I typically like to have replacement products on hand so that I am never out of things, but the problem with that is that it takes up a lot of space. Greenwald's All Purpose Citrus Cleaner comes with a re-useable squirt bottle and six water soluble cleaner packets. You can view the video below how you make the cleaner, but it really is super simple. You just add warm water and the cleaner packet and the outside of the cleaner will dissolve as you shave it up. That's it! I now have 5 more "bottles" of cleaner on hand that are not taking up the space of 5 bottles and I am not causing more bottles to be produced or recycles.

Product Description:

  • It's more powerful than the average cleaner purchased and discount stores. It removes the toughest dirt and grease while leaving a light fresh citrus scent.
  • It saves money. Because when purchasing either the kit or the refills (note: this promotion is for the "kit" that also contains a 6 pack of refills) it's 30-70% less than competing products.
  • It saves a ton of space. Each dissolvable refill makes a 32 ounce spray bottle and each refill fits in the palm of your hand. You can store gallons of cleaner refills in the size of a cigar box. You can store an entire arsonal of cleaners in a drawer. It frees up cleaner closet or under the sink space.
  • It's environmentally friendly from the standpoint that you're not purchasing a new plastic bottle every time you need a new bottle of cleaner. You recycle the existing cleaner bottle that you have. This means less plastic bottle trash (5 times less or more) that goes to local landfills let alone less trash you deal with.

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