Friday, May 8, 2015

Pottery Teacher Platters & Teacher Appreciation Cookies

This is a cookie platter that my son made for his preschool teacher for Teacher Appreciation week. He glazed in to look like Earth (since we had been talking about space at the time) and stamped Teacher Heather in to it. I helped him make and decorate sugar cookies to give her on top of the platter. We included the printable below that you are welcome to print off too!

He made this by slabbing out the clay and putting it on a plate mold. He used a fork to make the details around the edges.

Another couple pottery teacher platters and a bowl are below, that my kids made their teachers for Christmas.

These are the platters my children made for their teachers for Christmas. They both used the same platter mold and place slabbed clay in it and glazed it with fire brick glaze. My daughter stamped in A++ Teacher and drew in an alligator. My son used a starfish stamp (since his teacher is a star) and stamped teacher in it. My son wanted to fill his with candy for his teacher, but my daughter decided to fill hers with pens and pencils for her teacher.

This last one is a simple waxy bowl that they used slabbed clay and cut out a circle of clay and shaped it inside a metal bowl and made the wavy edges. My daughter made this for her art teacher (and art club advisor) and decided to fill it with glue sticks. She said they were almost out of glue sticks and thought that would be very appreciated. She came home and was very happy that she gave the teacher glue sticks because she said the teacher was really excited to get them.

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