Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Teacher Appreciation: Bowled Over!

Ready for one last Teacher Appreciation and End of the Year Teacher gift? How about a certificate to go bowling. I bet they could use some fun after a long year teaching our kids. Bowling is a great idea because they can use the certificate for a date night, a night out with friends, or to take their kids out.

Feel free to print off this printable or any others that I have shared this month and I did share a lot of them. I will have one more for you, but it will be next month. Don't worry! Next month is next week!!!! Can you believe it is the last week in May. My son has already finished preschool (on to kindergarten next fall!!) and my daughter is done next week. I am so looking forward to summer break with them.

I really want to spend more quality time with my kids and you see a decrease in the number of blog posts. I am hoping to still post once daily M-F, but I have decided that many of the giveaways and reviews I have done will be put on hold this summer. There is fun to be had with my kids and I can't do that if I am on the computer so much, but I will still have tutorials, crafts, and thrifty tips and recipes, and field trip pictures to share with you

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