Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Teacher Appreciation: Thanks a LATTE For All You Do!

I have done this one before, but when I did one 3 years ago I used a printable I found on Pinterest but this time I wanted to make my own printable. I printed this on a 5x7 photography paper from HP. I bought a kit that includes a 10 pcs 5x7 paper, 5 pcs 4x6 paper and 10 thick envelopes. It's actually a very impressive set of paper and envelopes. I used these for all my printables that I did to show appreciation for our teachers this year.


Mom Knows Best said...

I know a friend who would love this. I will cheer her up with this.

Yona Williams said...

I absolutely love the play on words with 'latte' and then accompanying that with a gift card.

Buzz4Mommies said...

Great one and a gift that will really be used!