Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Crystals Experiment in the Classroom

I did this experiment at home a couple years ago, and then again this year with my kids. But I took it a step further this time and did it on a larger scale with each of my kids' classes.

You can see the original experiment to make snowflake crystals in this post and read all the directions there, but basically you need a ratio of 1:4 or borax to hot water.

I used a plastic shoe box and filled it with 12 Cups of boiling water and 3 Cups of borax. We were able to hang lay 11 rulers across the top to hang the creations with (I used ornament hooks to hang them) and we did place a label with each child's name on the ruler.

And then in my daughter's classroom I did read the book Crystals by Connor Dayton, which is a 5.0 Level Accelerated Reader book, worth .5 points. It was above the level of many of the kids in there when I did this with her class in 3rd grade, but it really helped introduce a lot of concepts to them and think about all the crystals they see every day.

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