Friday, September 4, 2015

Heart Pinch Pots

Pinch pots are a fun way to make pottery without having a wheel or slabbing out the clay.

I made these heart pinch pot containers for my kids as a little present for them to put coins or trinkets in on top of their dressers.

To make a pinch pot you start out with a ball of clay and start by pressing your thumb in the center. You have now started your pot. Continue to press and pinch your thumb in to the clay and against the sides until you have created the size and thickness of a pot you want. Next you can continue you to shape it how you desire.

I flattened the bottom of my pot my pressing the bottom of it on the table. Then I began shaping the tops of the heart and pinching in clay to make the crevice at the top. Finally I pinched at the bottom to shape the point at the bottom of the heart.

The colors of he glaze I used was Navy Blue and Firebrick Red.

You can easily use air dry clay to make pinch pots and then paint with your own acrylic paints and use and acrylic glaze if you want it to have a shiny look.

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