Friday, March 30, 2012

Fix-It Friday: Couch Seam Repair

The culprit - a seam that has torn loose on my couch. Easy enough fix, but  takes a little time.
You do need to remove the cover from the cushion (and might as well wash it since it is off) to be able to sew the seam shut.

Minimal supplies are needed: upholstery thread, a heavy duty needle and scissors.

Here is what it looks lie from the inside of the cover. Be sure to push the plastic cording back in straight.

Hold & stitch! Be sure you have a heavy duty needle, otherwise it might not  be  able to be pushed through the upholstery. If you line the fabric back up right, you may be able to push the thread through the existing holes created from the original stitching.

Turn the fabric back with the right sides out and insert the cushion back in the cover (this will probably be the hardest part of this whole thing as you have to squish the insert and push and line up edges.) 

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