Sunday, March 18, 2012

Review: Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

The Waterpik Ultra WaterFlosser which is faster, more effective, and less painful than regular flossing. Retail value of $59.99 

This was another opportunity I had to review an alternative to string floss, which I don't use because my teeth are very tightly packed (can't say spaced because that would indicate there may be some space between my teeth, which there is not!). I reviewed the Waterpik Ultra Waterflosser and am going to share my thought about the product, some pictures, a video on how to set it up and a video on how to use it.

How to Set Up Your Waterpik Waterflosser

This product was very easy to set up. After you have removed all the packaging, just fill the reservoir with water, snap it in to place on the top and add the cover. The snap the desired attachment in to the handle. That's it! Easy!

You can find out more information about attachment in the manual that comes with it, so don't be overwhelmed that there are 6 attachments. You will probably gravitate towards one and just use that one all the time.

How to Use Your Waterpik Ultra Flosser

Using the Waterpik Ultra Waterflosser is just as easy as setting it up. The first time you use it you need to prime (take 1 second, seriously!) and the first time or two you will figure out what setting you want it at (1-10, 10 being the highest). I like it at a 5 (so far, but I think I might try it at 6 tomorrow). Just put the attachment in your mouth THEN turn it on. Let the water drain out over the sink as you spray the water in your mouth along your gum line and between teeth. I honest think this takes me half as much time to do compared to using string floss (it is really a long of work with string floss to push & pull between those tight spots.) I do plan to continue to use this. My husband has been asking to try it too and he can choose one of the other attachments and give it a whirl!

Compensation and product was received to complete this review. All thoughts, opinions, photos and videos are my own.


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I have tried a few before and they seem to work really well, it sure beats going to the dentist. Flossing is a great way to keep teeth healthy too.

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