Sunday, March 18, 2012

Starting Seeds Indoors Round 1

It's mid-March, so planting season is among us in Minnesota. Well, only if you intend to start seeds indoors. Some seeds require approximately 8 weeks indoors before being transplanted outdoors, which is what is making up Round 1 of my planting. For me that basically consists of tomatoes and peppers and a few odds & ends I thought we would try this year.

Around Earth Week, I will plant Round 2. Those will be seeds that only require 4-6 weeks indoors. I usually plant items in my pots and raised beds (which are easier to cover) about mid-May, and then wait to plant the bigger garden until the end of May.

1 Bandit Leek
2 Paprika Alma Pepper
3 Criolla Sella Chile Pepper
4 California Bell Pepper
5 Heirloom Thai Yellow Egg Eggplant
6 Marquesa Onion
7 Chancha F-1 Tomato
8 Dr. Wyche's Tomato
9 Yellow Brandywine Heirloom Tomato / Echinacea Purpurea White Swan Coneflower
10 Red Cherry Tomato
11 Sweet Marjoram
12 Petite Orange Marigold

The eggplant, onion  & yellow tomato call came from a seed sharing program last year. I couldn't find information about the Marquesa onion online, so I don't know what the planting information is but I thought since I had an extra row I would go ahead and start them indoor now. The yellow tomato only had a few seeds, so I only planted have the row with those and then planted some echinacea seeds (not pictured) in the other half.

The marigolds don't really need to be started indoors this early, but I like to put some in pots by the house early in the season. I will plant more marigolds in Round 2. So, be on the watch for posts from Round 2 and also our annual Earth Week Plating playgroup.

Plus, we do have our tomato (Truffula Trees) plants that we started with my son's playdate and my daughter's classroom (which I will be going back to her classroom to help them plant another item,.)

As well, as our pomegrante seeds FINALLY sprouted. We were about to give up on them after a month, but then we forgot about them and they finally sprouted and now we have transplanted them to a small pot, from their cushy paper towel.

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