Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Be Thrifty With Your Time

How often are you moving from one room to another, or up & down stairs? I feel like I am moving around our house ALL the time. And I feel like the kids are moving around the house all the time and taking things from one place and leaving them in another place.

Cleaning is not my favorite thing, so I try to pick up a few things here & there as I go in to other rooms. If I am going in to the kitchen I always look around whatever room I am leaving to see if there is something that needs to go up there. If I am heading upstairs to one of the kids' rooms, I look around (usually the living room) to see what I can carry up with me.

It seems most often that things congregate in the living room and dining room (which is downstairs) and have made their way there somehow from the upstairs. It doesn't take me but a couple seconds to grab a couple of glasses that were left in the living room and bring them in the kitchen.

And if I am doing a big clean to a room (s), I make piles (separated by rooms they go in) on the stairs and take it all up at once at the end of my cleaning.

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