Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Try It Tuesday - Clothespin Mermaid Doll

 Above is the finished Mermaid Clothespin Doll that my daughter made on her own. She asked for googly eyes & some beads to give her mermaid a crown (those are not pictured in my supplies below.)

I love the polka-dots she made on the Mermaid's top. she thought there needed to be green in the top as well as the bottom.

 The first she did was paint a "flesh" color over the clothespin. You wouldn't need to do that, but I had suggested it to her as a way to hide the wood grain look. They also do sell flesh colored (in a variety of flesh colors) packs of clothespins and pegs. Look for those at a craft store.

Next she painted the top & bottom of the mermaid, then cut strips of yarn for the hair (Thanks to Disney a Mermaid must have red hair), glue them to the top of the head, glues on googly eyes and a skirt (to make it look more like a tail and less like two legs), and some beads for a crown. And finally she used some permanent markers to draw on a tiny dot for a nose and a mouth.

If you think this is cute, then check out the Rainbow Fairies Clothespin Dolls I made for my daughter.

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