Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Try-It Tuesday: Hopscotch (with our rules)

 Hopscotch can be such a fun childhood game (and even fun for adults to play with their kids.) And it's an activity that you can easily add or make up new rules for to make it more fun or challenging.

I thought I would share with my readers the rules we came up with in case you would like to try them out and challenge your kids to a fun game of hopscotch.

Hopscotch, by our rules

* First person to EXACTLY 21 wins
* Earn points by throwing rocks & hopping (alternating legs)
- Earn 1 pt if it lands outside a box & you hop to that box
- Bonus Pt if you throw it past 20 and you hop backwards
- Bonus Pt if you throw it past 50 and you hope forwards and come back to 1
- If you land in a box you get (our hopscotch went to 50)
+ 1pt - squares 1-10
+2 - squares 11-20
+3 - squares 21-30
+4 - squares 31-40
+ 5 - squares 41-50
I love this picture! It is her hopping backwards, so that she can get the extra point. This can be a fun little workout too!


Unknown said...

This looks so fun! We will have to try it, thanks for the idea!

My Name: Heather Abbe
My Email: abbegirl1977 at gmail dot com

Beth said...

What fun! I love how you've created your own fun and exciting rules, especially to see the super long hopscotch chalked out.

At one school I worked, I once observed some kids playing "Extreme Hopscotch" where they would take running leaps to the furthest square they could. They played every day, took turns, had so much fun and definitely got better throughout the year. We love hopscotch varieties at Playworks - http://www.playworks.org/blog/game-week-hopscotch