Friday, September 14, 2012

What To Do With Kitchen Scraps......

 Do you drink coffee and wonder what to do with those coffee grounds? Check out my list of uses for leftover coffee grounds & coffee.

Sprinkle the cooled grounds right on to the ground of outdoor & indoor plants. The grounds will give a slow-release of nitrogen that will help fertilize your plants. Plus it will help keep slugs away. And cats do not like the coffee grounds and it can help deter them from digging in your indoor plants.

You could also try making some coffee grounds playdough.

Save your (dried) egg shells to scatter under outdoor plants to help keep slugs away. Just like the coffee grounds, slugs do not like to crawl across egg shells because they cut up their undersides. Egg shells take a long time to biodegrade, but as they do they will add calcium to your soil.

Another thing you do with both of these kitchen scraps is to add them to your compost pile. Don't have a compost pile, then please read my latest post on Northern Cheapskate "No Stress Guide To Starting a Compost Pile".

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