Friday, March 8, 2013

Kids Crafts Inspired from Pinterest

I love this idea for the Hidden Pictures Lunchbox note. It is fun to mix up the lunch box notes, so I printed these off and use them from time to time. Other times I just right a note of affirmation, other times I write a joke and sometimes I forget to put anything at all in there. LOL!

My son did this one. You too can obtain the printable page from Inviting Printables.

We made this Ivory "Snow" as part of our snow theme for preschool at home. I got the idea from Homemade Serenity.

These Ice "Marbles" were a fun project. The idea came from The Queen Says. My daughter thought it was fun to pick out a variety of sizes & colors to make.

As were these Ice Lanterns from Craftiments.......I let my daughter mix up colors and create her own colors using liquid food coloring.

And we can't forget the Weather in a Jar experiment that I read about on I Can Teach My Child.

And certainly we can't forget the Jellyfish in a Bottle Project! Such a creative idea from bhoomplay's blog.

So many great ideas on Pinterest!

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Kirstin said...

Great job on the ice lantern :) The ice marbles look really fun too!

Tr.Myint@salt said...

For the plate
Which plate do I need to used for example What kind of plate