Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pottery Time: Soap Dishes (Teacher Gift #4)

Today we are sending some non-traditional, but hand made gifts to school for my daughter's first grade teacher. This is a hand built pottery soap dish that I made by slab rolling and molding. I made a couple others that are a little different than this in design & definitely different glazes that I will share with  you once they are given (so, it is going to be a while yet).

You will see that our other hand made gift she is getting today is earrings that my daughter made.

Please check out my Teacher Gift Ideas Board on Pinterest to find some more ideas! You still have one more day left of Teacher Appreciation week, and even if you miss it I bet any teacher would be very appreciative of a gift given at any time.


Kelly said...

What a neat gift.

Unknown said...

This would make a very nice gift for everyone.

Rose-Marie said...

This is sooo nice! I love to look at pottery at the fairs and craft shows!

Missy Schutz said...

love your work! What a great hobby!