Friday, August 30, 2013

Fitness Friday: Spin Class with Dara Torres and Fit Buds

I am super excited!!!! I get to take a free spin class with Olympian Dara Torres and review Koss Fit Buds in a couple weeks. Can we say Win-Win-WIN! I will be taking the class at The Shed Fitness in Minneapolis. You might even be able to sign up to take the class too since I notice they do not have contracts and you can drop in to take classes. Sign Up Here! 

I have never met an Olympian, so I am so excited to meet her. Plus her story is just so amazing! And then there is the added bonus that I get to sweat and get in a cross training workout! And my third win is I get to try out the KOSS Fitbuds which are designed to be used by women (33% smaller ear buds) who are active. They are sweat resistant! I am kinda hoping that they will be able to be used by my kids too! Normal ear buds don't fit well and fall out, which is frustrating for them.

Doing a HAPPY Dance!


Unknown said...

thanks for sharing. i've never met an olympian either. looks like fun

Stephanie F. said...

How neat. Dara Toress is very popular and having that experience is a great way to start off your fitness goals!!!

Unknown said...

Have a great time AND a great workout!