Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Goals for the Blog

I've decided that one my blogging goals for the new year is to add a new theme, which is Slow Cooker Saturday. I started to find myself with more and more recipes I wanted to share but by limiting myself to Make It Monday, I was starting a stockpile of recipes I wanted to share. I tend to do a lot of cooking in my slow cooker (or crock pot, I use them both interchangeably, not sure what that says about my regional dialect choice of words) and I can still share a mix of clean eating recipes and not-so-clean recipes in this new feature.

I do have some other goals for myself this year, including fitness goals - which I will be sharing with you on January 10th. I have a different Fitness Friday post planned for this Friday.


Dede said...

I would love to follow your slowcooker posts. We use ours often, especially in the winter. I could use some new recipes!

Mommy K said...

We are the same on the fitness goal! I think posting recipes would be awesome!

Unknown said...

i love my crock pot, but its so hard to find truly healthy recipes for it! ill be keeping an eye out for yours!