Friday, August 29, 2014

Fitness Friday: Go Hiking with Your Kids

This Labor Day Weekend, I encourage you to get outdoors with your children or by yourself and go hiking. This nature center that I went hiking at with my kids is the Richardson Nature Center in Bloomington, MN of the Twin Cities.

Please scroll through the pictures and see some of the amazing sites my kids were able to experience. This particular nature center is part of a park district, but you can find other non-profit nature centers, state parks, state trails, national parks just with a few clicks of the button.

You can see from this trail map that there are miles of trails to cover that view a variety of different water features, plus it also includes an ampitheater and a kids outdoor play area.

Some locations you might find will have trails for hiking but others may also have camping and swimming, playgrounds, and many other activities.

Every one is very different in it's landscape and offerings, and those differences will change with our seasons and just what nature has had in store for us that year.

The wonderment and amazement you will witness in your children when you take them out in nature will be so worth the minutes or hours you may drive to get to your destination.

Don't be afraid to get up close and explore. Slow down and really look at things. It's not a race to see nature, you have to experience it.

Some places may even have indoor interpretive centers with other activities to help teach them about nature in other ways. My children continue to surprise me with how well they can get along together when I get them away from the toys and the screens and in to nature. There is something about fresh air and dirt and creatures that brings them together.

Let your children have fun, and join in on the fun. Those memories will stick with them long after all the toys you bought them have broken

You never know what you may find, so keep you mind and your spirit open.


Helga said...

I love hiking, and kids are really fun to hike with. They have a sense of wonder of nature.

Emily said...

We love to go hiking as a family, too.