Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Review: Vincent Nunes CD "Smart Songs for Active Children"

My Thoughts:

As the mom of a an active 4 year old boy, this CD was right up our alley. This CD is "Smart Songs for Active Children" by artist Vincent Nunes. The songs are all upbeat and encourage kids to want to move around with the tune all while feeding their brains lyrics that sneak in information to teach them about a variety of topics and experiences.

The timing for this CD was perfect to help keep fostering learning in my son over the summer. I had previously been thinking about how we had been listening to too much popular radio music that my daughter now enjoys that she is older and I didn't want only that for him yet. I wanted to keep the sense of wonderment and intrigue that children's music like this lends to kids.

You can buy this CD and any other of his children's CDs on his website HERE.

About Smart Songs for Active Children:

Smart Songs for Active Children kicks off with a song co-written by children, "House of Love," whose open structure allows kids to add their own activity ideas as they listen and sing along. With a classic Rand B vibe, "No One's Going to Keep Me Down" is a bluesy number built around affirmations. "They Speak Spanish" presents a lesson in geography and cultural diversity, as the song travels, accompanied by a Latin rhythm, to every country where Spanish is spoken while reminding listeners that in Brazil, the language is Portuguese. There's even a song with seven different rhythms and tempos, "Manuel the Great," written especially to help kids become aware of contrasting musical patterns and styles.

You can find out more information about Vincent Nunes online:


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing .. I need this one for my daughter

Terri | Sugar Free Glow said...

This looks perfect for my 2 year old grandson! Thanks for sharing!

Julie said...

My kids would love this too!

alwaysblabbing said...

My children love music this would be great for Saturday morning chores!