Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: 4-Minute Sweet Corn

Let me just say that I use a microwave, whether or not you consider that green is up to you, but let me tell you that by making this corn in the microwave I don't heat up my house by boiling it on the stove (which then might means I spend more money and electricity to cool down the house) plus it takes longer to boil it than than make it this way, so I may use more energy cooking in on the stove.

Also, I didn't gook it on the grill, which takes propane and unless I am already cooking my meat in the grill I would be using unnecessary propane and it take much longer to cook on the grill than in the microwave.

This pretty much cooks the corn perfectly. Just remove any long tassels or husk leave sticking out and stick it on the microwave for 4 minutes. That's it, Easy-peasy!

When you take it out, cut it off at the stem ends and discard that part.

Then from the tassle top part, start squeezing the top and it will begin to push out. It also pretty much removes all of the tassles from the cob and they stay nicely in the husks. And there you have a very easy to make and serve piece of sweet corn.

Don't forget to compost the remains that don't have butter on them. :)


Anonymous said...

This looks good to try. I am always ready to try things to save time in the kitchen. My family loves sweet corn in the summer.
marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) com

Unknown said...

I've heard of this, but still need to try it. Looks so easy!

Unknown said...

This a great idea. We love sweet corn and I'm thinking about buying more to freeze. So much better than canned.