Friday, August 15, 2014

Fitness Friday: Week 2 of the Lorna Jane #ActiveLivingChallenge

It's that time of the week for my weekly re-cap of the #ActiveLivingChallenge through Lorna Jane, Move Nourish Believe and Fit Approach.

August 11th: Favorite superfood

You can find this Super Foods Salad recipe HERE.

August 12th: Do something new!
Tried out something new and swam out to the water trampoline and jumped with the kids

August 13th: How do you practice #activeliving everyday?

Surround Yourselves with Others who value #ActiveLivingChallenge

August 14th: Post a picture of your daily motivation to #movenourishbelieve

My kids keep me active every day!

August 15th: Share your favorite quote about staying positive and true to yourself!
(see picture above with beautiful quote)

Stay positive and True to Yourself!

August 16th: Life can get very busy! What do you do to get more out of everyday?

Play with your kids more to get the most out of your day!

August 17th: Share your ultimate dream/goal!
I just want to be happy!

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barniebad said...

I would pick the :What A Hoot!" design. I dig owls and so do my kids.