Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: iBook Camp at the Apple Store

Last month my daughter attended a 3-day iBook camp at the Apple Store. 

We went to the Mall of America location. It was a free camp, but it was not really. I still had to drive an hour each way, plus we were there at lunch time so I had to buy lunch. We made it worth our trip and 2 of the days she had camp we scheduled activities that we wanted to do in the Twin Cities on those days. If my son wasn't sick the first day we would have done other stuff on that day as well.

Next year I will give my readers a heads up about this free camp. They also offer a iMovie camp too, which is also free. Campers are allowed to attend only 1 camp and must be 8-12 years old.

Instruction work was done on both the iPad mini and a laptop and they utilized both an app and a software program to do the work. Kids were also given a free t-shirt, lanyard, and flash drive (with their finished project on it.) Next year my daughter wants to do the iMovie camp.


Julie said...

I have to remember to check in to this when my kids are old enough.

Unknown said...

I have heard about this free camp! My husband and son would have loved it!

Mitchryan said...

This is really a good idea. I hope we have something like this too.

Ascending Butterfly said...

I would have loved to do that when I was little! Looks Super Creative and fun.

Unknown said...

I'd give this to my daughter!!