Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Try It Tuesday: Custom Charm Bracelets

This was a mother-daughter project. I thought it would be fun to make charm bracelets together this summer. We often make earrings, but I had not let her make a bracelet yet with my beads (of course she has made plenty of bracelets with kiddie supplies.) The larger bracelet with pink hues in the beads is my bracelet and the smaller bracelet with more blue beads is my daughter's.

To start out with, I bought already made bracelets from JoAnn fabrics. Her child-size bracelet was actually only $1. Mine is silver plated in hopes that the silver plate with hold up and protect me from my nickel allergy.

Here are the instructions as they are detailed on the back of my bracelet. You do need to have a fine round nose pliers to curve your head pins (you will need to buy head pins and beads as well.) A set of the 3 typical jewelry making pliers is relatively inexpensive. I bought mine for about $10 for the set of 3.

Here is a close-up of me wearing my bracelet.

Here is a close up my my daughter wearing her charm bracelet.

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