Sunday, October 2, 2016

Participate in the #HippyHalloween Yoga Challenge with Me!

Any readers want to join me in this #HippyHalloween Yoga Challenge. I am following along with this one because my hip are SOOOOOOOOO tight and most of these poses look good while I ease back in to my fitness plan after injuring my hamstring. I want it to heal nicely and properly so I don't have more set backs.

Even if you are not on Instagram or don't want to post your picture, you can certainly still follow along and do each of the daily poses.

I just like to share the challenges I am doing on my blog because then I can have quick and easy access to see what the next pose it (wish this one had the days numbered on here) and can see it bigger on my computer screen if I need to.

So, participate if this sounds interesting to you.....

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