Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Where Did We Go Wednesday? Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area

I have posted about the cuyuna country State Recreation Area a few times on this blog for wordless Wednesday posts but I haven't told you anything about it. Now is that chance. These were pictures taken at the end of the summer during the last weekend in August Kama which accounts for why we are dressed in more summer like clothes.

Other times I have posted pictures of us hiking in this area, which is near our cabin. This State Rec area is in the communities of Crosby, Cuyuna, and Ironton in Minnesota. One feature that we took advantage of this time around that we had not done before is the mountain biking trails. There is an extensive selection of mountain bike trails in this area. The range in difficulty can go from family-friendly and beginner courses 2 someone that needs to be quite adventurous and an expert data mountain biking. Obviously, we took the kids on a family-friendly Trail. We had never done mountain biking on these trails or any Trails like this before as a family so it was new to all of us and we were slightly nervous. It took awhile to get used to it and figure out just how our bikes and our bodies work on them. After getting rid of our initial anxieties about it we started to have a little fun but I have realized I definitely need a different bike rather than my hybrid to do anything more than this family-friendly beginner Trail.

There are also lots of paved trails that go around the mine Lakes as well and we have hike on those Trails as well as road bike on them during this time to. I am looking forward to trying out more of these trails with my family but hopefully next time I will have better bike for this type of terrain.

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