Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Where Did We Go Wednesday? MN Renaissance Festival

This was the third year we have taken our kids to see the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. It just ended this past weekend so you have missed it but if these activities look fun to you you should add it to your bucket list for next year. It is typically open the last two weekends in August and all of September.

Admission can be pricey but you can find discount coupons out there pretty easily. We were able to find $5 off coupons in various places that offered them.

The Renaissance Festival offer some different experiences that you might not be able to have another places. The Renaissance Festival is the only place where we have seen elephants available to ride. They do have camels at our Fair so the kids are typically more drawn to try riding an elephant. Also both kids agreed that the bungee jumping apparatus here is a lot better than the ones at the fairs.

I find food prices to be a little better here than they are at the state fair or the county fair but then again admission price is quite a bit here compared to those things. There are lots of shows to watch but be prepared with extra money because they are collecting tips at the end of every show. They collect tips to meet any character as well to. As we were walking around my son stated that the Renaissance Festival seemed like it was mainly a place to just shop and eat. In years past it seems like there were more activities for the kids to get Hands-On with and they seem to be decreasing. There was a scavenger hunt in the ferry Forest and we attempted to do that but it required a lot of reading that was written in a script type handwriting which was difficult to read through. It looked like a lot of people had given up on doing the scavenger hunt and threw away their sheets.

Parking is free here but plan to walk quite a distance and less you are there very early or come later in the afternoon when the early people are leaving. We had a nice time but I don't think this will be something we do every year it seems like every other year.

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