Saturday, January 21, 2017

Deciding on a Direction

This past week I know there was quite a lack in posts, but that was because I had pre-written everything for the last 3 weeks and I had not gone any further. I enjoyed that time being with my family over the holidays and being present with them and not documenting everything going on or everything I made in order to blog about it.

Some things have changed with my blogging and I have been considering what direction I want to take with it.

For starters, the blog I was paid to write for (Northern Cheapskate) was sold this past fall and I opted to not contact the new owner about writing for them. I had decided to see the direction the blog decided to take and it is not a direction that I feel my posts fit in to and I have no desire to write posts that fit under that new direction.

I have thought a lot about how much (unpaid, uncompensated in any way) time I spend blogging and frankly it is a lot of work not just to write everything but to share it to find readers. I have also decided over the past couple of years so scale back any reviews I do significantly. I only plan to review things I am actually interested in and have a need/want for it.

I still don't know how much I want to write, after 8 years of writing here, I am getting a little burned out and am maybe in a rut. I can't believe it has really been about 8 years already, that's crazy. And considering I started blogging even longer before that, is almost insane. This is not the end of blogging, but I think I need to scale back and give myself permission to not feel guilty about that. I have a couple things I am sharing with you next week, but not sure how much more than that for next week. I have some thinking to do.

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