Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Inexpensive and Easy Way to Remove a Popcorn Ceiling

How many of you inherited popcorn ceiling in a house you purchased that you did not put on and probably don't want it there?

That is certainly the case with our home and it's every where! I mean, everywhere! Ours even has some pretty sparkles in it that catch your eye. I know at one time this ceiling technique was en vogue, but not anymore and not for a long time.

I learned about this technique from my friend Caitlin and it works wonderfully. We have removed the popcorn ceiling in a few rooms now and it is relatively quick and easy to do the actual removal, but there are a few things you have to do first:
  1. Gather your supplies: scraper, garden sprayer, ladder and cardboard or plastic
  2. Remove everything from the room you are removing the popcorn ceiling in
  3. Lay down plastic or cardboard over all of the floor
  4. Remove any molding (if possible) that has popcorn texture on it. Take this outside and spray down with a trigger nozzle on a garden house, this is the quickest way to remove it from molding.
Here are your next steps in removing the popcorn ceiling:
  1. Fill the garden sprayer with tap water.
  2. Using the garden sprayer, spray down about a 3x3 section of the ceiling
  3. Let it sit for a few seconds then use your scraper to scrape it right off, allowing it to fall on your plastic or cardboard.
  4. Continue around the room working in small sections until you have finished.
Now clean up begins. If you laid cardboard or plastic over the entire floor, cleanup is quick and easy. Just roll up or fold up everything and throw it away. If any texture got on to your wall, just wash it off with water and a rag.
Allow the wet ceiling to dry for 24 hours before you paint it with primer and ceiling paint.
See how quick that was and certainly inexpensive if you already have a garden sprayer (or buy a garden sprayer on Amazon for under $15) and a scraper (or buy a scraper on Amazon for under $6).
We have A LOT more popcorn ceilings to remove, but this technique makes it easy and doesn't add the the expense of redecorating a room.

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